Mission Statement

Responding to the unique circumstances of client, context and building materials, Peninsula Architects creates sustainable, timeless design integrated into the natural setting. Offering a wide variety of design services, the firm works with its clients and consultants to create a complete built environment. This environment not only meets functional needs, it moves beyond to fulfill each client’s heartfelt desire to create a place with significance and meaning.


Every client has a unique situation and unique goals. At Peninsula Architects, we understand this simple but often overlooked fact. This understanding allows us to uniquely combine beauty of design with cost-efficient innovation… a combination of both form and function. Peninsula Architects is a young, creative firm with a strong sense of context and sympathy to the natural environment. Our focus is on the integration of the built environment to the landscape and finding the natural order of the parts within the whole. A broad project vision allows Peninsula Architects to offer a range of design services from overall master planning, to a turnkey building project, to interior and landscape design. This comprehensive approach is vital in creating timeless and enduring architecture. All who build have the opportunity to reinforce their surroundings in a positive way and leave a legacy for following generations. This philosophy guides the firm’s service to its clients.