Marilyn and Tom Merryweather Outdoor Classroom

Old Trail School, Bath Ohio

‘Bring the park in and get the students out.’ The idea of the outdoor classroom is much more than a covered space to gather. This is an opportunity to begin implementing the new direction of the school. The classroom is our first attempt at getting the students engaged outdoors with a space that allows for many different functions. We want to begin to introduce a materiality to the campus that blends with its surroundings but is a modern transition from what is already there. Integrating our architecture within the landscape will provide for opportunities in the future but ultimately begin to arrange the new master plan of the school. With this first piece we want to design it in a way where there are opportunities for growth, both in scale and in program. The intent of this structure is to begin to depict what the future looks like for Old Trail and how these new concepts get the students engaged with the outdoors.