Elizabeth Nicklas


From Intern to Designer 
Elizabeth attended Kent State University and chose to pursue architecture based on her interest in art and math. Her enthusiasm and appreciation of architecture grew after shadowing a local architecture firm and studying abroad in Florence, Italy. 

At the end of Elizabeth’s junior year in college, she began interning with Peninsula Architects. In 2017 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and was hired as a part-time designer while she was finishing her Master’s degree. In 2018 Elizabeth earned her Master of Architecture from Kent State University and permanently moved to Ohio to continue working for the Peninsula team. 

Gaining Experience 
Elizabeth has been involved with many impactful projects at Peninsula Architects as an intern and now as a designer. The projects that bring the most excitement to her are the ones that have an integral landscape component such as park structures and homes. She enjoys seeing buildings go from conceptual drawings to walking through them at full scale. 

Passion for the Outdoors
When she is not at work, Elizabeth enjoys kayaking, biking, and skiing as well as returning to Pennsylvania to hunt and fish with her family. She enjoys immersing herself in nature and took a month-long camping trip out West after she graduated, driving through and exploring parks in thirteen states.

Elizabeth Nicklas


BS Architecture, Kent State University
MA Architecture, Kent State University

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