timeless design 

A context driven
approach to design.

Offering a wide variety of design services, the firm works with its clients and consultants to create a complete built environment. This environment not only meets functional needs, it moves beyond to fulfill each client’s heartfelt desire to create a place with significance and meaning.

Akron Rotary Camp
Joseph Matava

Principal—Director of Design

Matt Schwarz

Chief Operating Officer

Nate Bailey

Project Architect

Chad Costello

Project Architect

Hannah Burnworth

Interior Studio Leader

Elyse Winch

Interior Designer

Elizabeth Nicklas


Quinn Miller




A process committed to collaboration and exploration. 

It takes three things to make a good project: an interesting context, an interesting site, and an interesting client. Our design process is rooted in a response to the world around us. It’s subtle, intuitive, and involves listening and experience. It requires asking good questions about the site and paying attention to the cues that need to be addressed within the context of the client's wants and needs.


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