Daniel Casanova


His Education
Daniel has always had a passion for architectural design. He attended Clemson University and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture. Daniel continued his education at Clemson and received his Master’s in Architecture.

His Work Has a Deeper Meaning
Daniel works for Peninsula Architects as an architectural designer and his favorite types of projects are residential and master planning. He gets excited when he can see the site as a whole and captures how the client will use it. He enjoys imagining the relationship between the landscape and the buildings, focusing on how those should complement one another.  

A Second Passion 
When he’s not designing, Daniel enjoys hiking, traveling, and photography. He is an ardent photographer, specifically landscape and architecture photography. Daniel has always had a strong passion for traveling and studied abroad in Genoa, Italy. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and South America, exploring diverse cultures to gain a global perspective. 

From South America to Omaha Nebraska
Daniel was born in Colombia and moved to Omaha, Nebraska at the age of seven. Daniel is fluent in English and Spanish and returns for family visits to Columbia on an annual basis.

Daniel Casanova


BA Landscape Architecture, Clemson University
MA Architecture, Clemson University 

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