CBH Haarlem

An International Renovation


  • Client: Private
  • Status: Completed April 2017
  • Size: 3 Story, 155 Square Meters
  • Services: Architectural Planning and Design, Cost Estimate

A unique opportunity presented itself to Peninsula for an interior build-out of a clients new residence in an eclectic neighborhood near downtown Amsterdam. While the project presented many challenges due to scale, the condition of the existing space, and an obvious disconnect from the site, Peninsula Architects was able to provide a design with hopes of distinguishing this unit from the other 15 in its collective.

Collective Buskenstraat Huetstraat, or CBH, includes 16 housing units in the city of Haarlem, located just outside of Amsterdam. This project was considered a ‘CPO’ project in Holland, which means you work with your future neighbors as a developer to build your own home. You can imagine that it is quite a tedious process.

Due to historical regulations in Holland, the front facade could not be altered in any way, only refurbished. Once the exterior designs were completed, clients that purchased a unit prior to build-out had the option to pick one of the pre-designed floor plans for their home or could work with an architect of their choice to complete the design and cater to their exact requirements.